Join the True Leadership Program

Creating a more beautiful world:

  • Do you want to overcome and truly heal your inner wounds?
  • Do you want to access your deep untapped potential?
  • Do you long to create a more beautiful world?

Then you have come to the right place. This is a training in creating from the seat of the immortal soul – from a place of ecstatic oneness. And it is a training in confronting the deep shadows of this planet and become a visionary pioneer in service of the Great Spirit – by learning to walk your talk

The True Leadership Program is an esoteric training, integrating wisdom from Theosophy, the Grail Mystery, Spiral Dynamics, Quantum Physics, Ecological Economics, Spiritual Communities and many other branches of human knowledge. It is the fruits of 25 years of spiritual research and offers a cosmic vantage point for the sweeping changes that need to happen in this generation.

Note: The website for the program has moved.

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