Join the Ringbearer Training

Do you feel:

  • Misaligned, depressed, creatively frustrated or find yourself despairing over the ways of the world?
  • Full of energy and hope, yet lack a community of peers ready to shake things up?

The Ringbearer training is a remedy for this, because it offers an understanding of the world rooted in a synthesis of the spiritual and scientific perspectives and is focused on concrete action in the world.

The Ringbearer training is an esoteric training, integrating wisdom from Theosophy, the Grail Mystery, Spiral Dynamics, Quantum Physics, Ecological Economics, Spiritual Communities and many other branches of human knowledge. It is the fruits of 25 years of spiritual research and offers a cosmic vantage point for the sweeping changes that need to happen in this generation.

Round #1: Ring of Fire begins on 17. 09. 2021.

We are faced with the most complex social crisis in our history and underneath it lies a spiritual crisis with deep historical roots. To deal with the crisis we must confront the causes behind it and master the tools needed to make an impact in the world.

The Ringbearer training includes:

  • Esoteric teachings, including Theosophy, the science of the seven rays, the Ring/Grail mysteries and their relationship to modern science.
  • The path of initiation and how to heal the deep wounds of the soul.
  • The Earth’s spiritual history including the subjective causes behind WWII as well as the current world conflict.
  • The art of invocation and how to cooperate with the inner realms in healing and transformation.
  • How to host heart opening spiritual services in your community.
  • The tools you need to align yourself with your soul purpose and become an active agent of change in the world.

The training takes two forms:

  • An online journey of 9 weeks, in English, taking place on Zoom.
  • An offline journey of 3 weekends, in Danish, taking place in Odense, Denmark.


Healing the Deepest Wounds

How do you heal a wound you do not even know that you have? A wound that manifests as compulsions, anxieties and addictions that you do not understand?

I have found that the only way to do so is a combination of spiritual healing and creative work. Being creative in writing, singing, painting and other modes of expression is therefore part of the healing process.

The story Grail Wars is the fruit of my healing journey. And it is  a work of art. You may not think of yourself as an artist, but neither did I. When the soul is activated it is surprising what may emerge. Embrace your gifts and share them with the world.

The story is fiction inspired by memories of past lifetimes and touches upon deep issues ignored by mainstream culture. Reading it is a magnificent journey. Many of those who have read it have reported that it triggered spontaneous healing processes in them.


“Grail Wars is powerful, grand, magnificent, ambitious, original, and way ahead, theologically, metaphysically, and psychologically, of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.”

“Grail Wars is incredible, mystical, moving, enlightening, exciting and multifaceted. It is an amazing and surprising journey that answers all life’s great questions.”

Read more at where you will also find other books by Rolf Jackson

The Ringbearers Prayer

Life is what your make of it – Service brings joy – Love brings freedom – Sacrifice unveils the one life

Welcome to the Ring of Life

The Ring of Life is the primary entrance into the Oberion School of Creative Synthesis.

This school is not an organisation, but a gateway to a higher consciousness. It is a field of possibilities that will enable you to access your true cosmic heritage when you embrace the teachings, challenges and fellowship that life offers. You can call it a mystery school if you like, although this term in itself means only little.

The Ring of Life is an entrance into this “school of the mysteries”. In the Ring of Life we offer an inner practice that is rooted in the ancient mysteries, but brought to life through the teachers’ own experiences and life practices.

Ring Of Life – Offers

The Ring of Life is a symbol of the unity of all life and a community of practice for those who desire a deeper soul alignment.


The Ringbearer training is our signature offer. It is an esoteric training that can be taken either online or offline. The goal of the training is to realign soul and personality and revitalise the connection in service of humanity. Uniting Love and Power through Wisdom is another way of saying the same thing.


Sunday at noon (12h CEST, Copenhagen time) we host a free online meditative service on Zoom with beautiful heart opening music and powerful invocations that heal deeply into the collective consciousness of humanity and align you with your soul purpose.

The service lasts an hour and on weeks where we do not have other programs it is followed by ½ hour open sharing.


For those curious about who we are, or students who want to dive deeper and go faster we offer workshops on selected topics over the year.

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The challenges we face on the spiritual path are very individual. Group work and simply being in the field of the Oberion and participating in the fellowship has a deep impact. But individual healing, counseling and past life regression can often speed the process up and transform difficult inner obstacles.

If you would like an individual session with Rolf or Tea please contact us. We offer both physical and virtual sessions.

The Ring Tradition

The Myth of the Ring or the Quest for the Grail, are part of an ancient mystery tradition that can be traced back thousands of years.

In modern times, J.R.R. Tolkien’s story of “The Lord of the Rings” is the most famous retelling of the tale of the Ring. This story is magnificent, in part because the author drew upon a vast tome of myth and legend as he wrote it.

In Tolkiens story, the ringbearer Frodo has to bring the ring to the furnace of evil (Mount Doom), because that is the only place it can be destroyed. He is part of the fellowship of the Ring – nine warriors dedicated to the quest. Against them stand the nine black riders (the Nazgul) and behind them Sauron, the Lord of Darkness.

At the heart of all ring stories are two rings: A ring of light, and a ring of darkness: The fellowship of the ring, is the ring of light in Tolkien’s tale, and the black riders represent the ring of darkness. The story is symbolic of the soul’s journey to liberation and illumination.

To be a ringbearer is to embrace the reality that we are all on this journey. By consciously cooperating with your destiny you will speed up your spiritual evolution by a thousand times. What could otherwise take lifetimes to master can be learned in a few years if the will to face your own darkness, and your ability to embrace your true light, is powerful enough.

Welcome to the Fellowship of the Ring.


Fulfilling an Ancient Prophecy

777 years ago, 225 Cathar priests and priestesses were burned at the stake in a Ring of Fire for challenging the beliefs of the Church of Rome. This took place at Mont Segur, in Southern France, in March 1244 following a 10 month siege.

Rejecting an offer to be spared if they would swear allegiance to the Church of Rome, they went singing to their death thus manifesting a powerful collective will to defy the lies of the church. 77 years later, on August 21st, 1321 the last initiated Cathar priest was burned on the stake, and he prophesied that “in 700 years the laurels will grow green again.”

2021 is the year that was prophesied about 700 years ago and the special edition of the Ringbearer training is dedicated to create a “summer of healing.” We will open a new door into the mysteries of initiation and offer an opportunity for a deep healing to those souls still carrying the stigma of the past.

“I play on broken heartstrings – and I repair them – and I sing them back to life.”

Tea Jarlkov

“No one gets into heaven alone. Take someone by the hand and lead by your example and the path becomes so much lighter.”

Rolf Jackson

Questions and Answers

Below some common questions have been answered. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a question in the form below.

Fill out the form below (the JOIN link) and select the event you want to join in the drop down box (at the top). We will be in touch with the details.

The price for a semester (9 weeks online or 3 weekends offline) is €1,000 (or 800 for students with reduced cost). We have tried to keep the cost down to make as accessible as possible, and the normal method of payment is in monthly rates handled through a subscription. See details at the bottom of the page.

Yes! Every Sunday at noon (CEST – Danish time) we host online services on Zoom. It is a simple and beautiful practice that have a deep impact on your soul connection. Join our Facebook Group to stay updated

Yes. At you can join our online FB community for free. We also have a page you can like at

You can reach us at or at tel: +45 20323120.

The Great Realignment

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    Practical Details

    Overall Structure – All times CET/CEST (Danish time)

    It takes time to create a lasting personal transformation because it requires a fundamental change in outlook and understanding of self. It is not enough to grasp something intellectually. It must be integrated in your body and implemented as new habits in your daily life.

    Experience shows that such a fundamental reorientation takes at least 3 years to complete. For this reason the Ringbearer training has been conceived as a 3 year training. However, it is divided into 6 semesters that can be taken as self contained units with great benefit. It is entirely up to the students how quickly they want to progress with the training.

    The program is composed of two major parts of equal importance:

    • Inner transformation: A process of soul healing, realignment and transformation.
    • The curriculum: Receiving teachings about esoteric topics, psychology, history, social and political issues and many other topics that are relevant to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural transformation the earth is going through.

    New students can begin each semester and upon completing 6 semesters receive the honorary title of “Ringbearer”.

    Online Training on Zoom (English language)

    The online training will usually take the form of two weekly 2½h sessions (sundays and wednesdays) and a weekly self-study lesson. The self study will normally be based on a video and some reading material combined with questions for self-study and group work.

    • European students: Sundays 11-13.30 (1h meditative service and 1½h online teaching)
    • American students: Sundays 20-2130 (1½h online teaching + recording from the service earlier in the day)
    • All students: Wednesdays 19.30-22 (2½h teaching, coaching and Q&A)

    The students will become part of a study group of 4-6 persons which will meet online once a week.  In the weeks where we have the offline trainings, the online meetings will take place on Monday 20-21.30 for all students + recording from the Sunday online service which is open for all.

    Online meetings will be recorded and made available to the participants in the program along with an online forum for Q&A, sharing and social interaction. The purpose of the recordings is to be able to revisit the teachings and allow students to catch up if they miss a session.

    Offline Training in Odense, Denmark (Danish language)

    The physical/offline training takes place over 3 weekends in Odense, Denmark from Friday 16h to Sunday 16h with two overnight stays.

    Food and accomodation in twin rooms is not included in the basic course fee. Students can either pay for food and accomodation in connection with the weekends or as part of their membership subscription package. Students are expected to help with food preparation and cleaning the facilities after we are done to help keep prices down.

    The 2021 program is special due to corona. The dates will be announced before long. Sign up to the newsletter to stay updated.

    The offline program is in Danish language, except perhaps for a few special events designed to integrate with the international audience.

    Price & Payment Structure

    The Ring of Life is an educational institutions created to provide esoteric training. The Ringbearer training is provided as part of your membership of the Ring of Life. The price of membership for active members are:

    • Normal rate: kr 7.500  (€1.000) a semester (6 months of kr 1.250 / €167 pr month).
    • Reduced rate: kr. 6.000 (€800) a semester (6 months of kr 1.000 / €133 pr month). This amounts to a (20% discount) for low-income students, the unemployed, seniors or students suffering from corona hardship.

    To qualify for the reduced rate please state the reason for applying on your submission form.

    Students can pay per semester in advance, or pay 3 months deposit and then enter into a monthly subscription payment that is continued as long as the student wish to remain active.