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After having hosted meditative services here at Bjergager Solby in Odense, Denmark for many years (since 2005) we are now starting to offer them in an online format in order to widen our circles – considerably we hope.

The services we host are inspired by the danish mystic and initiate Asger Lorentsen, who unfortunately passed away too early in 2012. He developed the basic format we still use. We use beautiful heart opening music to open the field and then call upon the specific energies we wish work with with invokations.

In the online format, the music and invocations are livestreamed from our studio in Odense, but unfortunately the participants will not be able to speak the invocation in unison for technical reasons (uneven time delays for the audio).

However, following the mediation we host an online community call in zoom where we share impressions and connect to the other participants. During the community calls hosted on zoom we can of course hear one another. We have experienced this meditation as a powerful practice over the years and look forward to sharing it with people all over the world. In that way technology is truly amazing.

Please also consider joining our online community here at ringoflife.org It is a free platform for exchange and community building. All that is required is to create a free login which takes less than a minute.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.

The service itself can be accessed here: https://ringoflife.org/online-service-help/ where there is also a chatoom where newcomers can get support for how to connect. The Chatroom will usually be manned about 15 min. prior to the start of the call.

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