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Diagnosing the Global Consciousness Crisis

If someone came from outside our planet and took a look at this rich and fertile world, this person would probably ask themselves: What is it that possesses this race to create so many unnecessary problems for themselves? Why do they concentrate wealth and power to a degree that hundreds of millions of people must lead […]

Why 4 Archetypes?

Based on a Jungian perspective of Archetypes, Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette created the framework of the archetypes: King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. But why are there exactly 4, and not 3 or 5 central archetypes. I discuss this and point to a possible cause.

Serving the Greater Life

The Ring of Life online services marks a new chapter in our work here at Bjergager Solby in Denmark. After experimenting with different ways of hosting online services we have found a way to do it on Zoom (video conference application) that offers both a high quality music experience and a fairly simple technical setup. […]

A new Chapter – global community

After having hosted meditative services here at Bjergager Solby in Odense, Denmark for many years (since 2005) we are now starting to offer them in an online format in order to widen our circles – considerably we hope. The services we host are inspired by the danish mystic and initiate Asger Lorentsen, who unfortunately passed […]