Diagnosing the Global Consciousness Crisis

If someone came from outside our planet and took a look at this rich and fertile world, this person would probably ask themselves: What is it that possesses this race to create so many unnecessary problems for themselves?

  • Why do they concentrate wealth and power to a degree that hundreds of millions of people must lead undignified lives and so many children suffer intolerably?
  • Why do they carelessly poison and pollute their oceans and their food supply?
  • Why do they nurture systems of religious thought that are so clearly without basis in reality while simultaneously suppressing natural human urges?

Seen from the outside, this would really be very hard to understand. One would think: There has to be a reason. There must be some kind of mental dysfunction that creates this bizarre behavior.

The cause

I believe there is a reason and that it is important to deal squarely with it if we want to reduce the suffering in mankind. Failure to deal with it may not necessarily lead to a global catastrophe (although it might), but it will for sure prolong and increase the unnecessary suffering happening today.

Behind all the symptoms of the crisis lies a cause that at this point will be a postulate. It is possible, indeed likely, that supporting evidence can be provided. But to really validate what I am suggesting, and refine the diagnosis will require an effort in time and resources which is beyond my means. So I will limit myself to point to the cause as I perceive it with all the reservations this perspective entails.

This is therefore an inspirational piece based on anecdotal evidence and must be read as such.

Three main factors conspire to create this situation and they share a common theme: denial.

Factor #1: Rebellion against the divine

The first factor is related to the origin of our separation from the divine. In my personal research, directed at understanding my own separation from the inner source of being, I had the following transpersonal experience after many years of effort directed at facing an incredible painful place inside me.

I see myself as a bluish-green sun, orbiting a similar but infinitely greater sun. I understand that I am a child and the great sun is my Father-Mother. Around me are countless other identical little suns orbiting the great sun. It strikes be: I am just like everyone else. Why should I be worth loving? I must do something worthwhile to be loveable. I must do something to be special. Suddenly a powerful temptation fills me – it has a very sexual-ecstatic feeling: What if I did something to defy the will of God?

The idea is so tantalizing. It is almost unthinkable, but so so naughty and irresistible an idea that once I have first gotten it I cannot let it go. This would make me different for sure…special. I decide to do something that deliberately defies the will of God. I see a symbolic image of divine reality and watch how my act of defiance creates a gray line across it, partly obscuring this symbol of Gods reality. Then I do it again and again. The image is increasingly gray. And as I do it one final time, and the image becomes all gray, it hits me: God is gone. I am alone now. I have no way back. And a great terror overwhelms me and I become … Gollum (From the Lord of the Rings). I have deliberately “killed” God. This is unbearable to contemplate.

The consequence of my deliberate acts is schizophrenia. A division of my being into a guilty unconscious element that know what I did, and a conscious element that has forgotten what I did and blames the world for all its ill fortunes. Guilt and denial is now my reality and colors how I perceive everything.

This experience led me to conclude the following: The core of our ego structure is a lie. A lie that we have killed God. The guilt, shame and schizophrenic tendency this has birthed is the root cause of much of what is going on in the world. But it is not the only cause.

The curse of Black Magic

A distinct, but related issue, concerns another layer of trauma caused by abuse of ritual magical practices in the past and the collective denial/unawareness that surrounds it. This abuse and trauma is not a singular event, but is a pattern stretching across thousands of years that have birthed an almost impenetrable barrier of pain and fear in the collective unconscious mind.

In fairly recent times witch hunts and inquisitions represent a variant of this ritual malpractice. Thus, not so long ago the church would condemn women suspected of witchcraft to be thrown into water. If they floated they were witches and would burn. If they drowned they were innocent and would go to heaven (following their unfortunate death at the hand of clergy).

But other far more sinister and deliberate abuses may have been perpetrated by other cultures. As I have researched this barrier in my own mind, I have come across a number of inner images that could appear to be either past life memories, or racial memories. They had a basic structure along these lines:

One or more (usually young) individual(s) are selected for an initiation rite and told a beautiful (but untrue) story of his or her role in the upcoming ritual and its significance to the Gods. The ceremony might involve some mixture of drama, euphoric drugs and sex which is designed to bring the protagonist(s) into a frenzied state of sexual ecstasy. And just at the point of climax, as a bolt from a clear sky, a sacrificial dagger makes its appearance and the protagonist’s throat is slit and the blood from the divine sacrifice is then used for some sordid ceremony.

These kinds of rituals, and other ritual practices of a not quite so cruel nature, and not necessarily with death as its consequence, are designed to lure, scare and confuse people into believing in nonsense. This is what I call “Black Magic”. It is practices designed to brainwash people and induce trauma and terror at the soul level, in order to achieve various goals of subjugation, intimidation and mind control. And there might also be a more sinister truth hiding behind it: A deliberate intent to serve what might be called “cosmic evil”. This last possibility implies evil is real as a distinct force in the universe, which is a separate issue to which I will return.

The effect on the individual souls who experienced this was soul trauma. If they died in the process then when they were reborn, they could not consciously remember what had happened to them. But deep in their minds the memory and the pain associated with shock and betrayal would reside. It would magnify the effect of the original separation (the Gollum issue) and add layers of shame and desperation to it that made it even more difficult to handle. The soul in question would now be impelled by their unconscious mind to inflict pain on others as a means of dealing with their own pain. This behavior would be rationalized in the context of their culture and religion, but was fueled at a soul level by the deeper trauma. And in this way the darkness gradually spread.

Cosmic evil

The third cause of mankind’s predicament is related to what might be called “cosmic evil”.

Evil, understood as the purposeful subjugation of the free will of others through deliberate infliction of pain and suffering, is something that really exists. To those who deny the divine reality altogether, it is logically incomprehensible. Yet through their denial they actually unwillingly increase its influence. Evil, either in its human or cosmic form, arises as an unintended consequence of the manifestation of the will of God (or cosmic intent). Because the universe is characterized by an undivided wholeness (as seen in quantum mechanics) light and shadow are always balanced by each other. The manifestation of a powerful light (metaphorically speaking) will therefore invariably birth an equally powerful shadow. It is unavoidable and actually necessary for the evolution of consciousness.

Evil is therefore unavoidable, but not without its purpose (cosmically speaking). The Danish mystic Martinus called evil “Det ubehagelige gode” (the unpleasant good). The point being that while exposure to evil is almost invariably painful it is a pain from which can grow either wisdom (if the lesson is received) or further pain (if the lesson is rejected). One of the indirect benefits of “evil” is that its victims learn to think for themselves, become less naive and grow in wisdom and compassion. Evil creates suffering, and suffering in turn softens the hearts and opens it to vital spiritual lessons that could not otherwise be received.

The mythological motif that “evil entered the world” and mankind “fell from grace” at some point in the distant past, is an image that one encounters in many different contexts. It is in the Bible, it appears in many creation stories, it is in popular narratives like the Lord of the Rings and it is in esoteric teachings like Alice Bailey’s books and in a Course in Miracles – to mention a few sources that I have read. The ubiquity of this mythical image points to it containing an element of truth, if not literally then at least figuratively.

So what do we make of all this?

At the very least, we can open ourselves to the possibility that something actually did happen a long time ago, to precipitate these stories of the fall. At some level in the distant past, our storytellers and seers have articulated these stories as a way of dealing with the collective unconsciousness as it appeared to them. And in the context of the Second World War, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the brilliant narrative of the Lord of the Rings, drawing creatively upon a treasure trove of myths and legends, much of it from the Scandinavian tradition (the sagas). I believe we ought to take these stories seriously and collectively engage in discovering what is behind them.

The diagnosis

Based on this research, my diagnosis of the global consciousness dysfunction is as follows:

There exist, in the collective unconscious mind, a mental barrier between the worlds of light and the conscious minds of human beings, that presently prevents us as a species from directly accessing the divine reality. I believe that this barrier – which I call the “Dark Field Barrier” – is born from the collusion of the three causes mentioned and the collective denial that accompany them. The causes are in summary:

  • Our individual fall from Grace, which gave rise to an unconscious schizophrenia and the presence of an inner Gollum in each of us (and the attendant desire to attain the “Ring of Power”).
  • Black magic and abuse of ritual magic in the past by unscrupulous priests, priestesses, shamans, magicians etc. that have deepened the rift and made it into an almost impassable gulf of separation.
  • Planetary issues in relation to evil have given rise to both oppressive regimes and systems (such as for instance the Nazis) and opposition hereto (such as humanistic ideals).

The combined effect of these three forces is to create what I perceive as a shadowy energy barrier which I see as symbolically being located on the higher mental plane. The barrier have the following effects:

  • When individuals seek to access divine states of consciousness and inspiration through their abstract mental faculties, then the understandings received will be tarnished by a sticky shadow that distorts the ideas and corrupts the mind. It nurtures the propensity for grandiose claims, illusory beliefs and constitutes a barrier to clear thinking – unless one energetically separates oneself from the divine realm. This can be done by rejecting the domain of the irrational and transrational and invest oneself primarily in the domain of the rational. This is however not without pitfalls.
  • The next consequence therefore concerns the reason why academia in practice denies the existence of the higher (spiritual) realms. By blocking the energetic connection to the higher realms, one achieves a kind of a pseudo protection against the Dark Field Barrier. By solely relying on concrete logic, and denying the divine presence, one can create a consistent logical universe, comparatively free of illusion and glamour – except for the great illusion that the divine does not exist. This denial lies as a massive figure, preventing science (as an institution) from “seeing the forest due to all the trees”.
  • Divine energy and inspiration can also be transmitted from the heart of God to the heart of man, in a way that circumvents the abstract mental plane – and hence deals with the barrier in a different manner. This is by energetic resonance. In essence what happens is that IDEAS in the mind of god what energetically resonate (are in some way similar to) IMAGININGS on the astral plane, can fill individuals with the energetic experience of divine presence. However, it is in reality only an echo of the real thing. And because the critical mental faculty is not involved, there is literally no limit to the nonsense that can be downloaded through this channel. Most inspired writing is tainted by this dynamic. These writings are typically emotionally evocative but if analyzed from a scientific perspective they quickly fall apart as logically absurd. However, this matters little to the adherents of these ideas, because regardless of their intellectual merit, the ideas provide them with deep emotional satisfaction and serve as a shield against an imposing and threatening world.

Taken together this creates a climate of thought and belief that is highly contaminated with denial, glamour and illusion. And we are all part of it. No one is exempt. For my own part, I have procrastinated for a long time about how to address this, because it is so big and loaded and I will almost invariable make myself a target of all kinds of criticism charged with all the emotional power of the existential denial that I am pointing to.

What to do about it?

Contemplating this diagnosis (if there reader should take it seriously) is hard, because the problem seems so overwhelming and a graceful solution so implausible. How does one address a psychological dysfunction that is thousands of years old? A dysfunction whose diagnosis is predicated on premises that the scientific community is sure to denounce, that invokes images of a nature that almost defies imagination and that will require us as individuals to face our most intimate fears. There are countless ways in which this can go wrong while the paths towards genuine planetary healing are incredibly narrow and fraught with difficulty.

Nonetheless, right or wrong, I cannot see any alternative to putting it out there for discussion at the very least and see to what degree there might be others curious enough about the prospects to engage with the substance matter.

Thus, if for a moment we entertain the notion that the diagnosis is actually correct, what then?

As I see it, the barrier is not impenetrable, and there are already groups and individuals who are engaged in dissolving it all over the world. What is currently totally absent though, is a clear planetary diagnosis and a joint effort in overcoming the barriers before us. We need to understand clearly what we are up against and coordinate our efforts in order to achieve real progress.

To penetrate the barrier, I believe one must work diligently with facing the shadows, work strenuously to cultivate ones abstract thinking and learn enough about the philosophy of science to form an independent judgment about the merits of such questions of whether or not it is meaningful to believe in a divine reality – not as a matter of emotional faith, but as an intellectual realization. This issue dates back to the ancient Greeks distinctions between pistis (faith) and gnosis (realization). A distinction that for two thousands years have been ignored and suppressed by a church claiming that faith in the savior was paramount and intellectual realization of the nature of reality secondary. The magnitude of the negative impact this has had on religious thought and practice in the West can hardly be understated.

To overcome this it is necessary to foster a synthesis in ones consciousness that opens for full conscious access to our three main faculties: Love, Power and Intelligence. This means facing our deep shadows in relation to power and sexuality, facing our most intimate existential pains, letting go of our most cherished illusions and forgive those who may have wronged us in this or previous lifetimes. And all this must be anchored in a physical everyday life where the pioneers of penetrating this barrier will grow stable long term physical relationships to their co-workers in order to help each other avoid the invariable pitfalls of grandiosity, glamour and illusion.

And there are so many ways to fail. Recall for instance Frodo’s failure (in The Lord of the Rings) to throw the Ring of Power in the chasm of mount doom when he finally has the chance. This can be seen as a warning to all of us, to understand that no one is able to overcome the Ring of Power alone. Only because Frodo’s compassionate heart allowed Gollum to survive, was the Ring – almost by accident – destroyed in the end. The lesson here is to make space for our inner Gollum and understand that we are all schizophrenic creatures and we can only overcome this collective schizophrenia together.

What is the upside?

Is this just a terrible dark and painful ordeal, or is there an upside?

Naturally there is an upside – and a massive one.

The upside is a genuine connection to the source of our being. The upside is that we will begin to be able to connect to divine reality unfettered by the trauma of the past. Being able to think clearly while accessing the wisdom of the buddhic plane will become commonplace, and we will likely see the development of a science that integrates the spiritual reality as a natural component in research as the healing progresses.

What kind of timeframe could this take place in? This is obviously very hard to say. When I have tried to answer this intuitively, I have been given a timeframe of roughly 50 years before this influence could potentially have been eliminated all over the world.

Would this mean that all then is peace and harmony? No. That would be extremely naïve to think so. There are many other causes of conflict and misery that are not related to what I am discussing here. The fruits of this labor would be that the unnatural evil which the Dark Field Barrier constitutes would be gone, leaving mankind to continue its natural evolution without being subject to this terrible extraplanetary problem.

What can we expect to see in such a scenario?

This is obviously highly speculative. But some pointers could be:

  • An educational and scientific community which will approach consciousness and the divine sphere in a very different way than now. The soul perspective for the individual student may receive due attention.
  • A new field of nationpsychology will emerge, illuminating the tensions between nations in the light of the soul of the people and the unique spiritual and psychological makeup of its nation.
  • The current political pseudo battle of ideologies will be replaced by a political metaperspective that will have a mythological aspect and illuminate how the various ideologies fit into a greater picture, and how political parties complement each other, representing different petals in the flower of social creation.
  • The massive illusions governing global economics at present will be discarded and a new world order built on a resource perspective and a will to global justice will be instituted. Or we will have a global war to clear the air and destroy/redistribute the wealth (or just as likely: wipe out most of our civilization).
  • We will see an emergence of a new world metareligion that honors the mythological treasures from all religious traditions but sees them in their rightful perspectives as allegories and not literal truths.


Rolf Jackson, April 2018

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