Serving the Greater Life

The Ring of Life online services marks a new chapter in our work here at Bjergager Solby in Denmark. After experimenting with different ways of hosting online services we have found a way to do it on Zoom (video conference application) that offers both a high quality music experience and a fairly simple technical setup.

The online service will roughly be 45 minutes of meditation followed by a sharing where the participants can share the inner experiences from the meditation and their reflections of what is happening in their life right now.

Our spiritual practice (the service) have evolved over many years here at Bjergager. It uses beautiful music and powerful invocations to open our hearts and minds to the higher spheres and revolves around the notion of “serving the liberation of the greater life”.

What does this mean?

In essence it is about creating a proper relation between ourselves as human beings and the greater life in which we live, move and have our being.

Traditional religious beliefs have externalized the divine and present it as something to “pray to”, be “devoted to” or “have faith in”. All of these constructs imply a separation between the human and superhuman (cosmic) realms that is completely artificial.

Secular beliefs on the other hand dismiss the existence of superhuman realms as pure fantasy. This creates a different spiritual problem: inflation. The non-existence of a greater spiritual reality implies that we on one hand are “masters of the universe” and on the other hand are “alone in a universe devoid of a higher intelligence”. Instead of separating ourselves from the divine, we have now usurped the position of the divine.

Finally, alternative practices of modern spirituality typically involve some sort of self improvement, but they suffer from another form of separation which stems of a preoccupation with the little world of the self, and a lack of genuine service to the greater self. Thus while it is a step in the right direction the ghost of separatism still hides inside these notions of reality.

Because all of these ways of related to the divine are at odds with the reality that we are cells in a vast living universe of conscious evolution, they result in various forms of social disorders that are generally not seen for what they really are: byproducts of spiritual misconceptions.

The spiritual practice in the Ring of Life seeks to address this by having the “dedication to liberate the greater life, with all our heart, all our body and all our power” at its core. This focus brings the individual atom of consciousness (the human being) into a correct relation to the cosmos and implicitly acknowledges that we are cells in a great cosmic being, and that it is through our growth, efforts and unfoldment of self, that the greater life itself unfolds and grows in majesty.

This approach has three central implications:

  1. It creates an absolute point of reference for our spiritual efforts that lies outside the personal sphere. This point is “the greater life”. This point of reference confers strength to the individual human beings and overcomes the ghost of relativism haunting virtually all new age philosophies.
  2. It renders the individual useful on a cosmic sense. The laws of spiritual will dictates that nothing can happen within the personal sphere of consciousness that is not at some level willed by the atom of consciousness (or an implicit consequence thereof). By consciously willing to be of service, a gateway of illuminating presence is opened allowing light to flow into the earth and raise the vibration of the entire planet. As a byproduct the individual atom of consciousness is also raised in vibration.
  3. It brings the personal self (the ego) into alignment with the greater self (the soul). The soul’s purpose is always related to the greater cosmic evolution. But as long as the smaller self is mainly occupied with matters that is out of alignment with the souls purpose a serious mental dichotomy occurs, manifesting as all sorts of mental issues and personality disorders. The proper cosmic alignment will therefore yield a host of benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.

The online service in the Ring of Life is as simple as it is profound. We open ourselves to beautiful music as a way to align ourselves with the higher world. We use powerful invocations to state our intent. And we allow the greater beings of light to work through us to the benefit of humanity. Towards the end there will be a healing of the participants where our cells are illuminated from within.

It is simple but powerful. It has been an important tool for us here at Bjergager for many years and now we look forward to sharing it in much wider circles.

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