The Heroines Journey – Need for a new Archetype?

The Hero’s journey is a theme that we know fairly well from books and movies, not the least because of Joseph Campbell’s seminal work on this theme. The details of the Heroine’s journey, however, is much less well known and indeed explored. Considering the difference between men and women in general it seems reasonable to assume that the evolutionary path of the two genders could potentially vary quite a bit.

However, it has generally been the case that the masculine framework of this narrative has been the overarching framework for the feminine journey as well, requiring the feminine protagonist (the heroine) to first free herself of the cultural shackles (the male narrative) before embarking on her own journey.

In this video I touch upon these issues and suggest a possible addition to the primary archetypes currently considered the main ones: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. And no, we are not talking about the queen here, as she obviously replaces the king on the heroine’s journey.

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